A Review of Octopus Pie: Volume 1, by Meredith Gran


Goodreads Rating: 2.81 Stars
Image Comics
200 Pages
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In this first collected volume of the Octopus Pie series, we follow grumpy twenty-something Eve and her stoner roommate Hanna as they navigate post-college life. They’ll take on crazed childhood rivals, troubling art scenes, the discomfort of exes, and maybe even… friendship? All this and more in the fictional, totally made-up city of Brooklyn. Well paced and grounded, ranging from funny ha-ha to odd observational humor, Octopus Pie s ultimate hooks are its flawed but genuine characters.

– – – – –

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Quick Reasons: cute artwork, funny characters; great cast of personalities; some wonky formatting issues later in the ebook version that made reading the strips difficult; sometimes weird, jumpy transitions

Huge thanks to Meredith Gran, Image Comics, and Netgalley for access to a copy of this read in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my reading or feelings/opinions of this book.


This collection of comic strips is both entertaining and entirely human, covering a wide variety of topics, morals, and “lessons.” The characters were the first thing to jump out at me—their personalities, from the very beginning, shine through everything else, making them much more realistic. Eve and Hanna, in particular, are quick to both strike a nerve and snatch up your heart—with every page turned, you’ll wonder what new shenanigans the girls will find themselves in, and what lessons they’ll pass along to readers.

The artwork is cute, though there are some formatting issues through most of the ebook that made reading the strips and deciphering every miniscule detail difficult. I’m not sure if this was a copy error, or a file formatting issue, but it got pretty annoying trying to squint and figure out what some of the words were. This also made the reading experience slightly unpleasant at times, as I couldn’t always tell what the panel was portraying or saying.

There are also some weird, jumpy transitions between panels from one page to the next; often, I didn’t pay these much mind, but there were moments when I had to go back and read the page before over again to try and figure out what had happened/that we’d switched to a different subject.  There is, of course, no real “plot line” or “wide-reaching story arc.”  Because this is a collection of comic strips, you need to go into this read expecting scenes and subjects to shift rapidly between each section–there are morals, lessons, or humorous anecdotes within each, though they don’t all work together cohesively in terms of story-telling.


Regardless, this cast of characters was quirky, cute, and interesting to read about—I had a great time diving into these strips and learning more about our cantankerous main character and her wild-child roommate. I would recommend this collection to lovers of comics, graphic novels, and humorous adventures.

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