Kindle Kozies (#3)


Because HULLO! there are some gorgeous Kindle cases lurking around out there–it’s not all about the pretty books, after all!  Click the pics to get taken to their Amazon pages.

This Week’s Theme: Zip-Sleeves

Love love LOVE the painterly texture going on here!  Also, the colors are vibrant and lovely.

Aren’t these owls just the cutest things ever?!

It’s possible I have a slight obsession with peacocks/peacock feathers.  They’re just so pretty!

I think this would be better if the case was black, BUT it’s still pretty rockin’. (Errr…smokin’???)

Texture for the WIN on this one.  I’ve always loved cherry/apple blossoms, so there’s that as well.

Aren’t they so pretty?!  Which one’s your favorite?  Are there any cases you’ve found lately you want to share with me?  Feel free to shoot me some links!  I’ll be posting this up once a week on Wednesdays; feel free to join in and post up your own, I’d love to see what cases you find each week!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


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