January Wrap-Up



#RockMyTBR Challenge

I am going to TRY to read at least 5 books I already own each month.  For January, I’m thinking about the following:

Trick, by Natalia JasterFINISHEDReview
Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell –Did not get to.
Vinyl (The Vinyl Trilogy #1), by Sophia Elaine HansonFINISHEDReview
The Steep and Thorny Way, by Cat WintersFINISHEDTeaser Review
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky AlbertalliFINISHEDReview

2016 Debut Author Challenge

I’m going to try to read at least 1 debut author every month (maybe more!)  For January, I’m thinking one of the following:

The Love that Split the World, by Emily HenryFINISHEDReview
This is Where it Ends, by Marieke NijkampFINISHEDReview

And since that’s actually less than I thought there’d be, I may just read both!

2016 Diverse Reads Challenge

I’m trying to read more diverse books.  I don’t have a specific goal in mind for each month–I’m hoping for at least two, but we’ll see what happens! This also isn’t excluding any other books set for the month that also fit the challenge! For January, I think I’m leaning toward:

Inside Out and Back Again, by Thanhha LaiFINISHEDReview
The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, by Heidi W. DurrowFINISHEDReview


These are more easily worked around (because I can use whatever books I read, pretty much, to fill the slots).

I Spy:  Book Titles Challenge

I already have a few for this planned above!  Those are:

8. Brave New WorldThe Love That Split the World
11. The Diary of a Young GirlThe Girl Who Fell from the Sky
20. Where the Red Fern Grows — This Is Where It Ends

2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge:

Again, a few of these have already been slotted out above!  Those are:

2. A National Book Award winner — Inside Out & Back Again
20. A science-fiction novel — Vinyl

The TBR Randomiser Challenge:

And once more, a few have already been plotted for January! (Man I’m doing good!):

15. Inside Out & Back Again
16. The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

So… I got to all but ONE of my TBR books, which is pretty epic in my opinion!  I also had some unexpected reads…  Those were:

And that’s it for January!  Sheesh, that’s a TON of books!

Keep an eye out for my February TBR in the next day or so!  How did you guys do on your TBRs this month (if you had them)?  Read any awesome books you’d like to recommend, if you didn’t have one?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


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