Liebster Award

Huge thanks going out to Brittany @ The Dream Carriers this time for nominating me!  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, be sure to go do so–it’s soopah wonderful, as is she!


  • I don’t like talking about myself and will usually, when first meeting new people, do more observing than socializing, as I tend to “read” people better that way.  If you say something I don’t agree with, I won’t automatically cross you off my list…if you say SEVERAL things I don’t agree with, or you treat the other people around you badly, you’re not worth my time and I won’t give it to you.  Because of this, most people think I’m rather stuck-up.
  •  I looooove having my head massaged/my hair played with.  My mom and grandma used to do this to put me to sleep when I was little, and it’s one of the only things that instantly relaxes me.
  • My favorite poem from a book is “Codependent Relationship,” which is from “Kinky” by Denise Duhamel–

    Barbie says to Ken:
    You know what chlorine does to my hair.
    But if you insist we go swimming
    at least have the courtesy
    to help me take my head off first.

  • I have never set foot outside of the country.  I paid, my senior year, to take a cruise after graduation, but found out that I was supposed to be in Texas for a contest in the middle of the same week and had to back out.
  • The only video games I play “often” are Lego games and anything Mario; also, The Sims.
  • I love receiving mail and gifts, but don’t often get either.
  • My brother and I used to take an airplane across the country every summer to spend time with our dad.  One year we got stuck in the airport overnight.  There was a stern old HAG of a woman who was SO CONVINCED that boys and girls would do naughty things together if anywhere close to each other, she REFUSED to let my brother play cards even with me. He had to sit across the table and watch.  He was no older than 10 or 11 at the time.  That’s the only time I’ve ever come close to actually hitting somebody out of anger.
  • I despise Diet Coke.
  • I was in a very emotionally and sexually abusive relationship for part of my college career.
  • I tend to pick at the skin on my fingers (mostly my thumbs and pointers) and my lips until they bleed and hurt. It’s a nervous habit…but it’s also a compulsive disorder. I’ve been doing it since I was three.  I haven’t been able to find anything to help me stop it.
  • I go on the ABSOLUTE WORST tangents ever, about the most random things you’ve ever heard.  (for instance…and I’m just giving you two words here… Caw Father.)

Brittany’s Questions:

  • What is your absolute favourite book of all time and why?

Why does everyone insist I pick only ONE?!  I’m gonna give you a few, yes?


Vinyl (The Vinyl Trilogy Book 1)

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

The Scarred Letter

  • What are you currently watching on tv that you’re loving?

Criminal Minds and Code Black (both on Wednesdays!)

  • What’s your favourite thing to do in the area that you live in? Any suggestions?

I don’t…really… DO things.  XD  I’m sort of boring–I work, then come home.

  • Who is your favouite book couple?

Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy!

I bet you didn’t see that answer coming, did you?!  XD

  • If you could visit any fictional world, which would you visit?


  • If you’re a Disney fanatic like me, what is your favourite Disney movie?

I don’t really have just one of these, either… it’s a toss up between:
–Beauty and the Beast
–A Goofy Movie
–Big Hero 6
–The Lizzie McGuire Movie
–Lion King 2:  Simba’s Pride
–Susie Q

  • Tell me about your pets!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any! 😦

  • Do you collect anything besides books? What is it?

Movies/tv shows.  We’re all about the entertainment in this household.

  • What is your biggest passion in life that isn’t bookish?

Hmm… Either artwork or music!  I love anything artistic pretty equally, so…yeah.  Too bad I’m not as good at either of those as I am writing.

  • What popular book that people love, do you not like?

Obsidian (Lux, #1)

  • What is your favourite part of book blogging?

Talking to all you awesome people, getting book recommendations from all you awesome people, and seeing what all you awesome people are reading/coming up with/etc!  Basically…all you awesome people!

I Tag:

Whoever wants to do this because I’m way too tired to find 11 people and link them all. 😛

My Questions:

1. What is your go-to comfort food?
2. What is the silliest thing you’ve ever said/done?
3. What is your “guilty” reading pleasure?
4. If you could have on mythological creature as a pet, which would it be and why?
5. What is one thing you LIKE…that other people DON’T?
6. Pick three books.  Which would you:  Read | Rewrite | Burn ?
7. How do you take your popcorn?  Your steak?  Your eggs?
8. What’s your favorite song RIGHT NOW?  Link us to it?
9. You discover a new color!  What does it look like, and what do you call it?
10. Pick three fruits.  If you had to rename them based on taste, what would you call them?
11. Favorite flavor gum?

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