Regarding Reading (#4)

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This post, I’d like to chat about

Book Huggers

because, you know, there’s…

The Nose Wrinkler:

The Neutral Territory:

The Obsessed:

So…which one are you?  Not surprisingly, I’m of the LAST variety.  The husband often threatens to tie my hands together in book stores–I’m always petting the pretties!

Also, side note, WHY!?!? isn’t there a GIF of Hagrid telling the class they have to stroke the spine to open the Monster Book of Monsters?!  I was so hoping I’d be able to use that in the last trio, but alas–no luck!

Which Book Hugger are you?!

Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



2 thoughts on “Regarding Reading (#4)

    • Right?! Someone needs to make that GIF asap–I’d use it probably everywhere! But yes, I stuck way away from that fourth unmentionable group–they can’t touch me here, there are books around! XD Thanks so much for checking out the post, and trying to find that for me! ❤

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