Bookishly Obsessed (#3)


This is going to be a weekly post for Saturdays featuring anything “Bookish” I find myself obsessed with.  In most cases, this will be a certain type of book/read/author.  I might branch out to include covers, as well, but we’ll see.  By “obsessed”…I mean I own tons of/go out of my way to collect!

This week:

“Sky” Covers

(because for some reason, I can’t send pictures to my email to download them and I don’t feel like fighting with it today)

These are all books I have read, and most of them I own!  As always, click the cover to go to Goodreads.













SO many pretties!  I’m feeling a little bit like this right now:

What are some sky covers YOU adore?  Feel free to let me know in the comments, or link me to your own Bookishly Obsessed post!

Until next time, happy book-ing…and try not to drool TOO much on the pretties!


14 thoughts on “Bookishly Obsessed (#3)

  1. Gorgeous pics! And may I just say, you are making me feel totally inadequate today… I can barely post 2-3x , week, and I can’t even count how many you’ve done TODAY. An they all take so much work!! Like this one – holy crap. (curl up, arms over head, fetal position). Your blog is truly awesome. :))

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    • Oh noes, don’t feel inadequate! I try to post 2-3x a day, but that’s just because I know I have the time for that usually–it’s totally awesome that you can do 2-3x a week, I don’t judge you on that at all! Your blog is JUST as awesome, so keep doing you at the pace you’re comfortable with! All that matters is we’re doing what we love and having fun doing it, right? ❤

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  2. Oh my god, those covers are stunning! I think I almost drooled. A little. 😍 And way to go, girl! It’s pretty incredible how you’re able to come up with multiple, fabulous posts in just a day. It usually takes me one or two days just to finish drafting up one post. Swear, I am the slowest writer ever. 😂 Anyway, this was lovely to read, just as always!

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  3. haven’t read Illuminae yet, is it any good? The cover is sooo pretty!!!
    And Magonia, HOLY CRAP. Not only a very pretty cover, I found that the book was quite entertaining as well!
    I’ve been meaning to borrow Eon out of the library, but I’m confused as to what one I should get?? I heard that they’re the same story, just different titles..
    ZODIAC IS MY JAM, I love that book. I’ve been meaning to reread it so I can review it 🙂 have you read Wandering Star yet? The cover for that book is so pretty too!
    The cover for Fall Up looks pretty interesting as well. Death Sworn, I’m pretty sure is in my TBR, and For Darkness Shows the Stars looks interesting as well!! I’m going to put that one on my TBR! 😉
    Great post, Beth!!

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