Loathsome Covers


Because we ALWAYS talk cover love.  Why, just once, not talk cover HATE?

I don’t see any reason.  So let’s do.  Talk hate.  About covers, that is!

Covers I loathe!
(please click them to go to their Goodreads page)







So what covers do YOU loathe (or..hate?)  Let me know in the comments, or link me, or whatever!

Also…WHY do you loathe the covers you do?  If you’d like to know what I dislike about any of the above, feel free to ask–I’d love to tell you! (No promises my reasons will make any sense, though.  XD)

Until next time, happy book-ing!



19 thoughts on “Loathsome Covers

  1. I hate pretty much all covers that have the author name bigger than the title. If I love an author enough to buy a book just because they wrote it I probably already know they wrote the book without half the cover being their name.

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  2. I forgot all about Obsidian. I tell myself that I won’t ever read that book because of the cover. I hate that the girl is holding on to him, that can’t even see her face, and that he is just looking out like a smug jerk. I totally judged a book by its cover on that one…

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    • And you TOTALLY should–I didn’t much like that book, myself. Everybody else seems to love it, but…I thought it was Twilight rewritten, personally. And honestly, I have plenty of evidence to back this claim up!


    • Goodness, thank you! I think Divergent is a matter of personal taste–I think it’s just a bit TOO busy for me, you know? I’d LOVE it if it weren’t for the fire in the sky. 😀 Thanks so much for checking this post out!


  3. It depends on how it’s done, but normally I hate covers with people/couples on them or girls in pretty dresses/trying to act tough. Anything where there’s too much going on (crowded feel) normally ticks me off as well… Also I prefer not seeing movie versions as a cover. This means I don’t like a lot of covers out there haha.

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    • Yeah, most movie version covers are instant dislikes for me, though sometimes the movie version is prettier than the original (in my opinion). But I agree, it all depends on how it’s done as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😀


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