Bookishly Obsessed (#2)


This is going to be a weekly post for Saturdays featuring anything “Bookish” I find myself obsessed with.  In most cases, this will be a certain type of book/read/author.  I might branch out to include covers, as well, but we’ll see.  By “obsessed”…I mean I own tons of/go out of my way to collect!

This week:

“Funny” Books

(excluding funny retellings, which will be done in a future post)

Because who doesn’t need a little funny business in their reading world?!








There you go!  My collection (or…most of it? because I know I missed a few…) of “funny” books.  How are you guys at collecting things?  Do you find your shelves inundated with many copies of the same book, or various retellings?  What book(s) do you obsess over or find yourself automatically reaching for in the bookstore?!  Let me know below!

Feel free to join in on this with me, if you’d like, and share what you’re Bookishly Obsessed with!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



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