If Book Genres were Candy…

No penguin because…that title is ridiculously long?  A penguin can’t hold that many words!  That’s crazy talk.

If Book Genres were Candy…

Dystopian would be

the original (tastebud) killers!

Romance would be

don’t eat too many in one sitting!

Fantasy would be

small doses of sweet, sweet evil!

Science Fiction would be

just because you can, doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

Horror would be

it’s not but bitter shadows here.

Contemporary would be

there’s a flavor for everyone!

Historical Fiction would be

oddly addictive!

Steampunk would be

oodles of sticky fun!

Mystery would be

you never know what you’re going to get!

Paranormal would be

the only spiderweb you’ll WANT to find!

So…obviously I love candy.  And books.  And CANDY!

Really, though, what do you think of my choices?  Do you agree with my pairs, or would you pick something else?  Tell me your thoughts below, or feel free to do your own post and link me to it!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



18 thoughts on “If Book Genres were Candy…

  1. Nailed it. Oh, how I love this tag so much I could eat it up. 😉 The pic of cherry candy you found for romance was so sexy it made me fan myself. Black licorice (blech) for horror was genius. So was the 26-lb. sci-fi gummy bear. And I love the tagline for contemporary: “There’s a flavor for everyone.” Honestly, Beth, I don’t know how you do it–your blog is sweeeeet.

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  2. I definitely approve…so much so that I had to post this on Twitter. Book lovers everywhere must read and enjoy it as much as I did.

    Sorry to hear you’re a diabetic. So’s my husband, and it’s a bummer. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAH! Thanks so much! 😀 Also, it’s cool. I’ve had 20 years to get used to it. Sometimes it hits me, in the middle of doing an injection or checking my sugar, that I’m weird and not everyone has to do things the way I do, but mostly it’s an ingrained part of myself. No biggie! (but yes, a bummer at times!) Is your husband type 1 or type 2?


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