A Review of Slippery Things, by Lane Baker


Jaded high school Junior and detention hall regular Larissa Locke has a recurring dream in which creatures sneak into her bedroom at night to perform experiments and extract her blood. Tiny scars on her arm suggest that perhaps she isn’t just dreaming. But wait! If she’s really the victim of blood-sucking alien intruders, then why is her bedroom window still locked each morning?

– – – – –

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Quick Reasons: intriguing, horrifying story; interesting characters; awkward writing in some places; almost too fast-paced plot; unique, fascinating ideas/twists; overall promising debut from the author

I received a copy of this read in exchange for an honest review. Huge thanks to Lane Baker for this opportunity! (This in no way altered how I read/reviewed this book)

When Lane Baker first contacted me about a possible read-for-review exchange, I did my research…and immediately became excited about this book. What started as a screenplay (and won pretty stellar recogntion in the entertainment industry) was then crafted into this short novel. After watching the book trailer (you can find it here, if interested: http://slipperythings.net/ ) I knew I HAD to read this book—the blurb was just too intriguing to pass up.

“Larissa stood and snatched the paper, relieved the charade was finally over. “Have a fabulous day,” she said. “And I mean it; the haircut looks fierce. Meow.”

I wasn’t too disappointed, in the end. The characters, Larissa especially, were interesting and full of attitude. While I think they fall just a bit flat (I didn’t really care about them—they felt more like props than people) they were fun to read about and watch traverse the world Lane Baker created here. I wish there had been more interaction between Larissa and the other characters, though—she really shone when speaking or reacting to others, but most of this book took place more in Larissa’s head than out in the world (which, I mean, given the plot makes sense.)

The plot is intriguing, as well—and often times horrifying. The idea of such creatures creeping through the sewers, after such an important and integral part of our lives… I can tell you, I won’t be leaving the toilet seat up before bed after this! It gives me the shudders just thinking about it. It, too, falls flat at times though—where I was expecting a ton of action and kick-butt awesomeness, I instead was given more of Larissa’s thoughts. Even the scenes where action does take place didn’t last long—a blip of a sentence, a small amount of description, and they were over, which was disappointing.

“How on earth did you get away with that?” she begged to know.

“I was dumb enough to think my dad would never notice,” Larissa said. “But he did. Grounded for a week.”

“Wow. I wish I had the balls to do something like that.”

“Yeah? Balls can sometimes weigh you down.”

Regardless, the ideas and story that Lane Baker experimented with for this read are unique. I haven’t read a book quite like this one, which is saying something; the author went out of his way to put his own voice, and spin, on the things happening across the pages, which made it easier to slip into the world and story. There are some grammatical issues and typos throughout, but they didn’t bother me enough to need more than just this small mention. There were also some…perhaps the best thing is to descibe them as colloquialisms? that I’m not sure EVERY reader will understand, though they’re small enough as to be easy to figure out for most.

Overall, this was a fun, quirky read from a promising author. While there were a few small blips in grammar and the writing, and the characters/story seem a bit disfunctional at times, I enjoyed stepping into this world and watching the characters fight against this invading evil. The unique ideas and themes throughout really helped to bring the world to life for me. I’d recommend to lovers of sci fi/fantasy, alien abductions, and quirky characters. I can’t wait to see what Lane Baker comes up with next!

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