Loved and Loathed–August Wrap Up

Hey, guys!  It’s officially the last day of August, which means I better kick my butt into gear and get this wrap-up post wrapped up!  Unfortunately, I’m out of pretty paper and frilly bow ties; you’ll have to make due with my poetic genius and sassy wit.

First things first:  the books I read this month!  Find my reviews by clicking on the cover.  (Please note there ARE two books listed that don’t have reviews yet, due to needing to publish them in September.  I’m still putting the covers here, though, don’t worry!)

The Girl from the Well For Darkness Shows the Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #1) The Suffering (The Girl from the Well, #2) Vicious

Liars, Inc. The Glass Casket Tabatha 99 Days

Spinning Starlight (Single Title (One-Off)) Death Sworn (Death Sworn, #1) Earth Bound (A Sea Haven Novel) Prom and Prejudice

Awakening (The Dark Rituals, #1) The Liar Society (The Liar Society, #1)

OOPS.  I read a TON–again!

The good thing about this month?  I didn’t have ANY books I rated below 3 stars, so while I didn’t necessarily LOVE some of these reads, I also didn’t hate any!  Which means I have no loathed books for this wrap-up!  Go me!  Cause, you know…I don’t like loathing books.

I DID, however, have 4 books that received 5 stars from me!  So let’s talk about them a minute, k?

  1. The Suffering (The Girl from the Well #2) by Rin Chupeco

    Quick Reasons: nightmare inducing; a fresh, unique take on Aokigahara—and its purpose; action-packed, this read is a wild, desperate journey to find answers, to find peace, to find strength

  2. The Glass Casket, by McCormick Templeman

    Quick Reasons: gorgeous prose; crisp, clear descriptions readers can almost see/feel/hear/taste/smell; a complex, entertaining blend of fairy tale and horror/mystery; an edge-of-your-seat, keep-you-up-all-night journey

  3. Spinning Starlight, by R.C. Lewis

    Quick Reasons: a new and inventive take on The Wild Swans; kick-ass, morally stable, independent female protagonist; an intense, action-driven plot; a unique and sensitive look into selective (or, in this case, NOT so selective…) mutism; sci fi/space journey; endearing and redeemable characters

  4. Death Sworn, by Leah Cypress

    Quick Reasons: awesome, cohesive world-building; plot driven by action, suspense, and intrigue; kick-ass main characters with growths, distinct backstories, and personalities befitting their lots in life; engaging, gorgeous prose

And now… next month’s book releases I’m most anticipating!  Because NEW BOOKS, DUH!  Click on the covers for links to their goodreads pages!

Beastly Bones: A Jackaby Novel Everything, Everything The Next Together The Weight of Feathers Blood and Salt

And that’s it!  I feel like this was a lot of books…. Oh well!  Such is the life of a book addict, right?

How many books did you read this last month?  Which were your favorites?  And what books are you most excited about being released in September?  Let me know below your thoughts!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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