Genres I don’t Read–And the (Not So Specific) Reasons

There’s this thing I do, when book browsing–if a book is about or centered around a cop, a detective, an FBI agent… I don’t read it.  More specifically, I set the book back down, turn around, and run far far away.  Usually with my hands held over my eyes (it’s harder than it sounds!  bookshelves have a way of getting IN the way, you know?)

I’m not exactly sure why I do this.  Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS–these are some of my favorite TV shows.  I can watch them for hours without getting bored!  But put a novel with a detective main character before me and I guarantee that book is being banished to the darkest corners of my shelves to fester and be forgotten.

I mean, really; cop main characters?  That’s just a lot of blech in my world.  Give me something else, would you?

Memoirs?  Awesome.  For a while in middle school, that’s all I ever read!  But I avoid them now.  Why?  Is it because I can’t “connect” with them emotionally?  Is it because they don’t hold my attention?

It’s because they make me sad.  And I don’t LIKE being sad about books when I know those events actually happened to somebody.  Give me fiction books.  Give me heartache and angst and drama.  Hell, give me movies based on true stories!  I’ll cry and be emotionally normal with those.  But keep memoirs away from me.

Which brings me to romance.  Now, the romance genre is tricky for me.  I LIKE reading romance novels…but…on my own terms.  See, I don’t really care about characters Suzy and Adam who might really exist as coworkers somewhere in the world getting all twisted up and inside out over each other before breaking the desk (20 times).  That just isn’t my kind of thing, okay?  But stick some magic in there, or make Suzy and Adam vampires, or even shove them into a mad scientist’s secret laboratory as special government-allowed experiments?  Suddenly, your book is a LOT more interesting.  I like romance novels (and by this, I mean ADULT romance novels; contemporary YA romance?  bring that on ANY day!) that aren’t JUST about hot sex and steamy dreamboats between satin sheets.  Give me a STORY.  Give me a plot I can sink my teeth in!  Or be prepared for the wrath of my bitter disappointment and dissatisfaction.   And quite possibly judgement, when it comes right down to it.  Because I WILL judge you.

And westerns?  Well, these I just won’t read.  I’ve never tried them, so I can’t say for CERTAIN I wouldn’t like them, but…I’m not willing to even try.  One less genre means more space on my already overrun bookshelves, right?  Right?!  Right.

What about you guys?  Are there genres or sub-genres you avoid like the plague?  Do you have specific reasons for this, or is it a “don’t know, don’t CARE to know” thing?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments; I’d love to hear them!


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